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We are here to provide quality Kerb Stone / Curb Stone products at reasonable price. We pride ourselves in a delivering products that will improve the aesthetics of your landscape. Let your vision come true.


Keeping in mind the ever-growing needs of customers, we are offering an extensive range of curbstones of various sizes and shapes in the market. The offered Kerb Stone products are manufactured using high quality raw materials and using the latest technology. The types of curbstones we offer include extruded kerbs, light weight pre-cast concrete kerbstone, and aesthetic and special kerbs.

Due to its reliable and strong nature, our products are an essential source for road pavements and other construction processes. We employ advanced process in conformity to the pavement parameters and the standards. So, one doesn’t have to feel uncertain about its quality. In addition to this, the products are well suited for extended applications in the construction domain.

It often comes in different shapes such as a vertical or nearly-vertical shape, rounded shaped curbs with the different forms of cut (narrow dropped curb cuts, wider curb cuts etc…)

Some of its Highlights

Optimum strength

Easy to install

Resistant to water and chemicals

High product grade, uniformity and long lasting

Withstand traffic loads

Can be used commercially and residentially

Applications of Kerb Stone

Our products can be used for landscape beautification such as the path edging and conservation edging at homes and giving support to the pavement edge. As well, it can be used to direct running water from rain.  It is effective at directing/guiding traffic and change the course of direction in low speed roads. On higher speed roads, it extend its function to provide drainage and are mostly used in areas of a bridge approach or in locations where there is high risk of soil erosion.

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